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Extended talk (30 min.)
25 min. presentation
+ 5 min. discussion

Regular talk (20 min.)
15 min. presentation
+ 5 min. discussion

A laptop will be available.
Please, copy your talk to this laptop at the break before your session starts at the latest.


Format display board

Please, put your poster up at registration time. Posters will stay there during the entire assembly.


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research

Department Tropospheric Research

+49 721 608-22085
+49 721 608-22802

clm2018Deh5∂imk-tro kit edu

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Photo: Gerd Schädler

Please note:

Wednesday, September 19
14:00 - 16:00
CLM Science Advisory Board (on invitation only) Building 10.81 (as assembly)
Room 219


Posters will be available throughout the entire assembly in room 3.05.


Download the program as pdf-version.

Tuesday (September 18)

    Room (R) / Lechture Hall (LH)
08:30 registration   R 2.19
09:00 working group meeting Support and Technical Issues (SUPTECH)* LH 59
10:30 coffee break   R 2.19
11:00 working group meeting In parallel:  
  • Support and Technical Issues (SUPTECH)*
LH 59
  • CLM for beginners
LH 62
12:30 lunch + registration registration: R 2.19
  Convener: Gerd Schädler  
13:30 welcome   LH 93
  Christoph Kottmeier
Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research
  Frank Schilling
KIT Climate and Environment Center
(scientific spokesman)
  Christian Steger

Burkhardt Rockel

Extended talk: COSMO-CLM on its way to the next reunification  
14:30 Katherine Osterried
(Center fo Climate Systems Modeling)
News from EXTPAR  

Daniel Rieger

News from COSMO and ICON  
15:00 coffee break   R 2.19
  Convener: Jennifer Brauch  

Astrid Kerkweg
(Uni Bonn)

Extended talk: Namelist driven, tailor-made on-line diagnostic and output control for COSMO-CLM using the Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy) LH 93

Fabian Wachsmann

Post-processing tools for generating project compliant climate model output  
16:20 Melanie Karremann
High-resolution modelling of the Greenland climate with the regional climate model COSMO-CLM  
16:40 Nicole van Lipzig
(Uni Leuven)
A long-term hindcast simulation with COSMO-CLM over Antarctica  
17:00 Alberto Caldas-Alvarez
Improvement in the simulation of fine-scale atmospheric moisture through Data Assimilation and sub-kilometer gridrefinement during a Heavy Precipitation case study. The HyMeX-IOP6  
17:20 end    
17:30 icebreaker   R 2.19

* for SUPTECH-members only

Wednesday (September 19)

    Room (R) / Lecture Hall (LH)
  Convener: Hendrik Feldmann  
08:30 Alessandro Dosio
Extended talk: The IPCC 6th assessment report: brief overview and opportunities for the CLM community LH 93
09:00 Eduardo Bucchignani
(CMCC Foundation)
High-resolution projection of climate change over Israel with COSMO-CLM  
09:20 Heimo Truhetz
(Uni Graz)
Floods in small and medium sized catchments in the Eastern Alps simulated by RCMs from the hydrostatic to the convectionpermitting scale  
09:40 Sascha Brand
Conditional Evaluation of Regional Hindcasts from the MiKlip Decadal Climate Prediction System  
10:00 Beate Geyer
Reproducibility of regional climate simulations  
10:20 Ronny Petrik
What can we learn from MSG?  
10:40 coffee break   R 2.19
  Conveners: Barbara Früh / Christian Steeger  
11:10 community meeting Topics:
  • CORDEX CORE (Silje Soerland)
  • FPS CPS (Erwan Brisson)
  • FPS LUCAS (Marcus Breil)
  • Documents (Christian Steeger)
  • Science Plan (Barbara Früh)
LH 93
12:30 lunch    
13:30 working group meetings In parallel:  
  • Atmosphere, Ice and Ocean (AIO)
LH 59
  • The Chemistry, Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation (CCAR)
LH 62
  • Climate Projections (CP)
LH 93
15:00 coffee break   R 3.05
15:30 poster session   R 3.05
17:00 end    
18:00 Thomas Stocker KIT-Climate lecture:
Climate Change: What if Paris fails?


Thursday (September 20)

    Room (R) / Lecture Hall (LH)
  Convener: Ivonne Anders  
08:30 Christian Steger
Extended talk: Status of ICON-CLM development LH 93
09:00 Laureline Hentgen
Clouds in decade-long convection-resolving climate simulations over Europe  
09:20 Samuel Helsen
(Uni Leuven)
A multi-model evaluation and climate projection of extreme precipitation for Belgium. A micro-ensemble based on three convective-permitting models  
09:40 Linda Schlemmer
Simulations of radiative-convective equilibrium (RCE) using COSMO-CLM  
10:00 Adel Imamovic
Mountain volume control on deep-convective rain amount  
10:20 coffee break   R 2.19
  Convener: Merja Tölle  

Davide Panosetti

Bulk and structural convergence at convection-resolving scales in simulations of summertime moist convection in the light of model uncertainty LH 93
11:10 Christopher Purr
(Uni Frankfurt)
Evaluation of convective cell characteristics in COSMO-CLM  
11:30 Samiro Khodayar Pardo
Towards advances in modelling of heavy precipitation by the synergetic use of convection-permitting simulations and state-of-the-art observations  
11:50 Oscar Brousse
(Uni Leuven)
Urban climate modelling using Local Climate Zones and COSMO – TERRA_URB over a tropical city. The case of Kampala, Uganda  
12:10 Edouard Davin (ETH) /
Marcus Breil (KIT)
The biogeophysical role of European forests: First results from the LUCAS FPS multi-model ensemble  
12:30 lunch    
13:30 working group meetings In parallel:  
  • Project group ICON (part 1 of 2)
LH 93
  • Convection Resolving Climate Simulations (CRCS)
LH 59
  • Evaluation (EVAL)
LH 62
15:00 coffee break    
15:30 working group meetings In parallel:  
  • Project group ICON (part 2 of 2)
LH 93
  • Dynamics and Numerics (DYNUM)
LH 62
  • Soil and Vegetation (SOILVEG)
LH 59
17:00 end    
19:00 conference dinner    


Friday (September 21)

09:00 working group reports (10 min. each) LH 93
10:30 coffee break   R 2.19
  Conveners: Barbara Früh / Christian Steeger  
11:00 plenary Topics: assembly evaluation, next assembly, poster award, closing LH 93
12:30 end    
13:30 internal CO-Meeting   R 2.19